February Social Media Star: Traci Bisson

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traci-low-resFebruary’s social media star is Traci Bisson of Bisson Barcelona, LLC, an image management, high-visibility public relations and social marketing firm, and The Mom Entrepreneur. I personally think Traci is brilliant in how she’s harnessed social media to build The Mom Entrepreneur support group, which is an online group of mom entrepreneurs who provide support, advice, etc. to one another.

Traci came up with the idea of the Mom Entrepreneur Co-op Shop, a site that offers discounts from businesses owned by moms in the group. She’s promoted it on the popular Help a Reporter Out email, via a Twitter party, traditional media relations and more, and it’s been successful for many moms in the group.

Here is our interview with Traci:

Tell us what you do:

I support mom entrepreneurs by offering tips, advice and resources for balancing motherhood and running a business. This is done through our suite of blogs, online support group, co-op shop and PR and marketing services.

How did you come up with the idea for the Mom Entrepreneur?

I searched for years to find a group that offered support for mom entrepreneurs. When I could not find anything, I eventually gave up. I started searching again in early 2008. I finally decided to create the support group and searched for mom entrepreneurs to join and network with me.
What was the first social media technology you used?

It was probably Blogger blogs. Then I tried the WordPress blogs. Very soon after that came LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace then Twitter.

What is your favorite social media tool?

My favorite is probably Twitter, but hellotxt.com is a close second. I also really like trackable links at BUDurl.com.
How has social media benefited your business?

Social media has allowed me to connect with mom entrepreneurs all around the world. This is a target market I understand very well thanks to the connections I have been able to make. As I learned more about the industry, my PR services became very attractive to companies looking to target this influential market.
How much time would you say you spend a day engaging social media?

Too much time…it is kind of scary how addictive social media can be. You have so much information at your finger tips and endless learning opportunities. I have spent many a late night connected to my computer.
How do you incorporate it into your day?

I usually engage in social media research after hours and after the kids are in bed. You can start down one avenue and then begin exploring several at the same time. I find that it needs my undivided attention.
What’s your best tip for using social media for business?

When you have a clear understanding of who your target market is and you connect through social media and networks that reach your market, the results can be very good. Use social media to build relationships and form strong connections. Only then will you be able to sell your product and/or services to a network of people who trust you and your advice.

Is there a social media tool/technique that you think is underutilized that you would like people to know about?

Honestly, I think the concept of social media is underutilized. People are still nervous to venture into this world because it can be very overwhelming. Twitter I feel is an easy social outlet to begin with and probably underutilized. Google alerts also seems to be another great tool that should be used by all business professionals to keep tabs on themselves in the media.

Where can people find you online?

TheMomEntrepreneur.com and BissonBarcelona.com

Anything else you’d like to add?

When you decide to engage in social media, make sure you remain focused on your target market. It is easy to get excited about everything that is out there and create profiles in many different places. Do not spread yourself too thin. Pick a few social media sites that target your market, and manage and grow your network through these sites initially. Once you are more comfortable, then you can venture out to explore what else you should be connected to. Follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tracibisson for other tips and suggestions.

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