57 Ways to Market your Video

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How many of you use video to market your business? Have you thought about all the ways you can use your videos?  Thanks to my Entreprenette Experts, here are 57 ways to use  video to market your business and possibly get them to go viral…….that would be awesome right?  I am working on my own videos now and getting ready for a big launch over the summer ……. we devoured all these tips and I am sure you will too!!

1. Keep It Short

2. YouTube Still King

3. Be Honest

4. A Parting Shot

5. My Fiance’s Iphone!

6. Embedded, But Not Undercover!

7. I love Animoto!

8. Fashionable Videos Make Sales

9. Get Creative with Animoto

10. Engage your key influencers

11. Choose the Best Keywords

12. Just Demo It!

13. Tags- The Key to Passive Promo

14. Be You!

15. Seeing Is Believing

16. The “10-4″ FAQ Traffic Formula

17. Viral Video Tip

18. Video goes to the dogs!

19. waiters performing

20. Use Viral Video to Promote

21. Small smash hits

22. Interactive Viral Videos

23. Be “Out There”

24. Viral Videos for Musicians

25. Owner

26. Stroke some egos

27. YouTube = Customer Service

28. Captivate Your Audience

29. Think outside of Youtube.

30. Smile Machine

31. Catch ‘Em and Keep ‘Em

32. A CTA for Every Video

33. Dancing Babies & Cute Kittens

34. Focus on What Makes You Unique

35. SEO Videos

36. Empowered by Endorsements

37. Your Signature Please

38. Plan Distribution First

39. Don’t Play Hide-and-Seek

40. It Takes Two!

41. The 80/20 Golden Viral Rule!

42. Make your videos interactive

43. Is humor the secret?

44. Make a how-to video

45. Pull Back the Curtain

46. 2 Minutes to Save the World

47. Be the famous forwarded clip!

48. Personable real-time video

49. Videos gone Viral

50. YouTube as an SEO Target

51. Enhance the experience

52. Something must be remarkable

53. Platform Bulding!!

54. Keep it Real

55. Think Bigger.

56. Know This To Go Viral

57. Draw Them In — And Keep Them


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