Social Media News of the Day: October 26, 2010

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Deals Deals Deals

Groupon and eBay are the newest of partnerships and it seems like a great fit.  Groupons will now show up when you are searching for those items you wish you could bid on. What’s even better is that eBay members will earn 5% of purchased Groupons in eBay bucks.

This will obviously be a tremendous amount of exposure for Groupon and a great way to get eBay users interested with an incentive.

Who else should Groupon partner with?

What’s Going on with Digg?

It seems like ever since Digg tried out a revamped new site things have just not been going well for the social news site. This week they’ve announced that they are significantly reducing their number of employees from 67 to 42 and even management could be uprooted.

Do you think the Digg CEO is right in taking the company back to  “start-up” mode?

Brilliant Gift of the Week

In honor of the holidays and all the great “techy” gifts out there, I’ve decided to showcase one gift a week until Christmas that I know any social media nerd would love!

Apple is providing free iPad engravings and I think this is the perfect way to personalize a gift that is already on many people’s lists! I’m hoping Santa will leave me an engraved iPad under my tree that says, “You Might be Naughty but This iPad is All The Nice You Need!”

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