Social Media News of the Day: November 2, 2010

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I Don’t Want to Grow up, I Want to Be an Apple Kid (Gift of the Week)!

Children’s toys have definitely changed since I was growing up! No longer do I see kids playing with Lincoln Logs or little girls carrying around Cabbage Patch Kids. I feel like every new toy I see is some sort of miniature computer system.

All the stuffed animals now have chips in them to talk and dance. Most children have their “My 1st laptop” by the age of 2 and have already learned to carry their parents’ cell phones around at all times!

I do not have kids yet of my own but I am the godmother of two beautiful little girls and I’ve found some great gifts for them thanks to Mashable.  The Woogie is a fun iPhone protective case with a screen protector and built in speakers!

Will you be getting any of these cool gadgets for your little ones this Christmas?

Election Day is More Like Social Media Day

I’m sure like many American’s you woke up today and went to vote. Today is the all-important Election Day, and social media sites were all abuzz about the elections, as well.

Facebook had a ticker on the News Feed page, counting the number of people who voted. Twitter’s trending topics were all election hashtags, such as #ivoted!, #govote and #electionday. I think it’s truly amazing to see the amount of people caring about their country enough to go out and vote for the candidate they want and trust.

Social media seems to be the new wave of politics, and connecting with your senator or governor via Facebook looks like the new norm. Check out this excellent article from Mashable and Gist on why social media is changing the face of politics.

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