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Social media is a powerful tool for business that’s transforming how restaurants market to their customers and increase foot traffic on a daily basis. Scott Wise, president and CEO of A Pots & Pans Production, which manages seven restaurants in Indiana, has increased event attendance by 400% with the use of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and email blasts in just a year!

Scott, who is known for his entertaining personality on Twitter, jumped on the social media bandwagon long before it was the cool thing to do, starting with MySpace and email blasts. He’s a big proponent of Foursquare, and has run some pretty outrageous promotions, attracting a lot of attention. One of our favorites was renting a boat to set next to one of his restaurant locations, tagging the location as “boat” on Foursquare and then inviting people to come get their boat badge! Some other favorites include a contest inviting people to post a picture of themselves sticking their tongues to a pole like the movie “A Christmas Story” and also inviting them to jump into Indy’s White River Canal and get a photo.

Read more from Scott to find out how one businessman who truly gets social media has used these tools successfully.

What is your job/company/profession/title?

President/CEO, A Pots & Pans Production – the management company that runs our three concepts (7 restaurants):  Scotty’s Brewhouse, Scotty’s Lakehouse and Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co.

My job:  the details – making sure every food item, drink item, atmosphere and marketing promotion has my approval. I work on the marketing campaigns. And, I’m the Director of “Motivation, Morale, Inspiration & Company Growth” :)

What was the first social media technology you used?

Don’t laugh…  MySpace. Back when MySpace was Facebook and Facebook was only for college kids.I’ve also been using emarketing blasts the longest – probably eight years or more. We have collected about 33,000 email addresses and still hold contests with our staff to get the most comment cards filled out by guests, but they are only valid with an email address that allows us to enter them into our database. We send weekly campaigns.

What is your favorite social media tool?

I think it is a combination of Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is great for quick conversations and I can take care of problems, comments and questions a guest has and usually influence an immediate purchase or take care of a complaint on the spot. I think to use social media properly, you must use all the big three to fully reach your clientele: Twitter, Facebook and emarketing blasts. (I think blogs and YouTube videos are great to incorporate too.)

How have you used social media for your business/company and how has it benefited?

We have seen increases of 400% in event attendance with the use of Twitter and Facebook over just using email blasts in the past year. Foursquare is the easiest to use. It doesn’t have as much flexibility and we would love to do more with it, but it is a great form of the modern day customer loyalty card on your phone and without a key fab or card you must carry.

How much time would you say you spend a day engaging social media?

A lot. :) 25-30% of my day. Thank god for TweetDeck’s Tweet Scheduler. I often schedule 90% of my tweets the day before or from 6-7am.

How do you incorporate it into your day so it’s not a time waster?

See above. I try to take about five minutes every hour to see if I need to comment on any questions from guests and then move to my next task.

Is there a social media tool/technique that you think is underutilized that you would like people to know about?

I think that Google Alerts or any Twitter Alert service are both underutilized. Many people don’t take time to look up your handle and may have a bad experience they post on any one of a 1000 social networks. It is your job to scour the web and find them so you can respond. We like to know when we make mistakes:  we like to fix them, educate our staff and make our customers happy. We can usually turn the worst customer experience into our most raving fan.

Where can people find you online and via social media?

Twitter: @brewhouse

Facebook: Facebook.com/ScottyBrewhouse

Foursquare: Foursquare.com/brewhouse

Website: scottysbrewhouse.com

Website: scottyslakehouse.com

Website: thr3ewisemen.com

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