Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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Businesses conduct informal surveys on Twitter all the time. They want to know what their customers think about the products or services they provide. Sometimes they want to let their current and pontential customers know about new products and services that will be available in the future. As noted in a previous post, that’s great when done in extreme moderation.

Several marketing and business experts participated in an email interview that led to the creation of the following list of Twitter marketing Dos and Don’ts:

Thumbs upDO – Address customer problems in real time. Be there whenever the customer or prospect may need you. If possible, even before they need you, said Lindy Moses, marketing associate for It’s all about being available.

DO – Use Twitter as a source of information for customers and prospects. Don’t just gather information from your followers for your market research projects. Share useful information, tips and links [that will help] your followers to see you as a credible source, said Holly Fisher, executive director for Charleston Step Ahead, Inc.

DO – Start by engaging people you already know. Find current clients, prospects and friends and have conversations with them, recommended Jeff Gibbard of True Voice Media, LLC.Acknowlege their content and participate in the community that emerges.

Thumbs downDON’T – Bombard your followers with your company’s brand messages. A big no-no is sending automated direct messages to everyone who follows the company, cautioned the director of marketing for Reach Local, Mike Merrill.

DON’T – Retweet yourself to the point of distraction. Over-targeting individuals through repeated use of the same messages or targeting and retargeting the individuals is as annoying as spam email or political flyers in your door, said Matt Van Hoven, the communications director for Skinny NYC.

Whether you use Twitter as a way to conduct informal surveys and market research, to engage with customers and prospects, or both, heeding the warnings and following the advice of those who have done it successfully could help you increase business and promote your company’s brand naturally.

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