Text Me…and You…and You Too

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It’s Friday night and it’s time to find out what all of your friends are doing. Usually texting your entire social circle takes half the night, but now a new app quickly gaining popularity makes texting all of your friends a breeze.

GroupMe is a new app created for Blackberry, Android, iPhone and, shockingly, any phone that can receive text messages. It’s part of a new breed of apps called “group texting” that’s all the buzz in the social media/mobile world.

GroupMe is free and allows its users to basically turn their phone into a chatroom with their chosen groups. All you have to do is add your friends’ numbers, and when they accept, everyone in that group can respond to each other all in one text!

This application also has some special features available for Smartphones, such as location tagging, which can be helpful when you need to know where people are. Location tagging and the ability to call or text many people at one time make this app very useful during emergencies. In fact, GroupMe’s use skyrocketed 200% in Alabama during the recent tornadoes.

So next time you need to know where all of your friends are or just want to invite them to a party, use GroupMe and save yourself some time, and some texts.

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