How Facebook’s Changes Affect Businesses

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Facebook changes for businessStep Ahead’s Lyn Mettler recently talked with two different media outlets about how the new Facebook changes — from Timeline and the ticker to Smart Lists and the Newsfeed — affect businesses and their Facebook marketing strategy.

On the WISH TV interview, she quickly hit the highlights of the updates to educate the viewers about what to expect and how to make changes to the settings.

On INside Indiana Business, her article addresses specifically how each of the updates impact businesses and how they should alter their Facebook strategy.

Get a Grasp on Facebook’s Changes at Step Ahead Brown Bag

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Facebook changes for businessStruggling to get a handle on all the changes Facebook recently made? Not sure how it impacts your company’s business page? We’ll walk you through the changes and answer any questions you have about the updates at an informal brown bag lunch at the Step Ahead office’s at the downtown Flagship.  We’ll also share with you our thoughts on how the changes affect your Facebook strategy.

The nitty gritty details:

Get a Grasp on Facebook’s Changes Brown Bag
Oct. 12  11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
Flagship, 475 E. Bay Street (Corner of Calhoun & East Bay)
Parking: Gaillard Auditorium garage or Aquarium garage
$15/per person payable at the door, cash or check
RSVP to hold your spot by emailing  (limited to 25)
Bring your own lunch!

Measuring Social Media Results Beyond Engagement

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Social Media Results


I have read one too many articles lately that claim you just cannot measure success on social media, at least not yet, but rather it’s more about awareness, engaging loyal fans and customers, creating goodwill, etc.

While, yes, social media is about that, it’s also about RESULTS and yes you can measure that. I’ll tell you how in my weekly post. Read on!

Plus or Minus? A Review of Google Plus

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Google Plus is all the buzz in social media circles over the last week and a half and I got a chance to check it out recently.

After playing around in this latest social network, which is getting raves reviews from social media influencers, here’s my two cents on its potential uses for personal and business on my blog.

Social Media Day Charleston Take 2

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It’s hard to deny that social media is taking over the way we live, the way we do business, and the way we connect. Last year, Mashable announced the first ever Social Media Day to celebrate “the revolution of media becoming social.” Mashable challenged the online community to host Meet-Up events in their cities. Word spread fast about the newly declared holiday, and more than 600 meet-ups in 93 countries were set up to honor the social technologies we love. This year, Social Media Day will be held Thursday, June 30.

Step Ahead is excited to announce our second annual Social Media Day Meet-up event to represent the city of Charleston. We had such a great time last year connecting with other social media enthusiasts that we just had to do it again! This year, we will be celebrating at Uno Mas, located at 880 Allbritton Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. Make sure to take advantage of these awesome deals: $2 domestics, $3 happyritas, ½ off Sangria, ½ off guacamole and a $4 appetizer menu! We’ll also be giving away goodies from the Dine With Sal group who owns Uno Mas.

Connect with your online community offline, and meet us at Uno Mas from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for margaritas and awesome networking opportunities. Be sure to RSVP via our Facebook event page. We look forward to celebrating with you at our second social media fiesta!

Step Ahead Part of Charleston’s Color Revolution

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We are excited to be working with Eco Deco, a boutique paint store that opened this week in Mt. Pleasant. Dozens turned out for the showroom unveiling and to see how Eco Deco is different than other paint stores (think art gallery instead of wall of paint swatches).

Manufacturing eco-friendly and healthy paint, Eco Deco selected the Charleston area for its first U.S. showroom. Eco Deco is the American subsidy of RECA, which has been manufacturing healthy paint for 25 years and is one of the top 10 paint suppliers in France.

Eco Deco isn’t a paint store; it’s a color showroom with skilled designers available to answer questions and offer advice on selecting one of Eco Deco’s more than 2,000 trendy indoor and outdoor colors.

Look for a public grand opening celebration in mid-July. And if you’re planning any summer home improvement projects,  stop by and see what they have to offer.

The State of Indianapolis Social Media

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Last fall, I returned to the city where I went to college and spent the young adult years of my life – Indianapolis. I’d spent the last 8 years starting a family in Charleston, S.C., but my husband and I ultimately we decided it was time to return to our roots and let our children grow up around family. We also missed the bigger city and all it has to offer in the way of entertainment and convenience. Colts anyone? Butler basketball? We were glad to be back :).

From a business perspective, I would be opening a branch of my company, Step Ahead, which manages social media for businesses, in the midwest. Before I left Indy for Charleston, social media didn’t exist. By the time I returned, Facebook was taking over the world :). So after watching the growth of social media and its use for business in the south, I wasn’t sure what I’d find in regards to openness of social media in the bigger city. I assumed it would be more accepted here and further ahead, but I was shocked to find it wasn’t.

Indy has a great social media community and a vibrant group of Twitterers, certainly larger than in Charleston, though the Twittering crowd there is definitely passionate, albeit smaller. There’s definitely some social media evangelists in Indianapolis furthering the cause! But when it comes to business use of social media, I dare say it’s further behind the south. I was flabbergasted! I thought the south was always last!

I think Indiana businesses have reached the point where they understand that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like are here to stay and they need to be doing something with these tools, but I’ve found a general resistance to looking for outside help and using qualified experts.

Businesses continue to pile it on the internal public relations or marketing person, who even if they love social media, are unlikely have the time to devote to making a social media plan for a business actually produce  measurable results. In the south, it seems more businesses (but far from all) realize that this is beyond their expertise. Let the accountants do the accounting. Let the lawyers handle the legal stuff. And let the social media experts handle social media. They’re ready to invest a little in social media and see what it gets them.

Indy, I’m surprised at you! I don’t want to discount the businesses here who are doing it right because there are some great examples – National Precast Concrete Association, Scotty’s Brewhouse, Delivra, Butler University — but you seem to be the exception, not the rule. Let those of us who believe in the power of social media and the marketing results it can generate – beyond just awareness to actual revenue – continue to spread the word and educate our business leaders.

Maybe we should all take a trip down to Charleston?? :) What do you think? Is Indy a leader in social media? Way behind? Right on par? Share your thoughts. Prove me wrong!

Do You Check In?

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Is Foursquare going the way of Friendster or do you think it has some staying power?

In this Social Moms post, I review my personal “check in fatigue” and what gave me renewed enthusiasm for Foursquare.

Quality vs. Quantity in Social Media

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So you want to be the Starbucks of Facebook do you? 20 million plus fans? Sound awesome?!

It may be “new” media but the “old” adage holds true: quality beats quantity every time! Read my new Social Moms blog post to see why I’ll take 10,000 fans over 100,000 any day of the week.

The Latest in Social Media: Groupon & Foursquare

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Lyn spoke for a second time with Mike Switzer, host of the daily South Carolina Business Review radio show on South Carolina public radio, about the latest trends in social media and reassured businesses they can be profitable with the right approach to social media. Listen to the 10- minute interview.

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