Measuring Social Media Results Beyond Engagement

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Social Media Results


I have read one too many articles lately that claim you just cannot measure success on social media, at least not yet, but rather it’s more about awareness, engaging loyal fans and customers, creating goodwill, etc.

While, yes, social media is about that, it’s also about RESULTS and yes you can measure that. I’ll tell you how in my weekly post. Read on!

Plus or Minus? A Review of Google Plus

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Google Plus is all the buzz in social media circles over the last week and a half and I got a chance to check it out recently.

After playing around in this latest social network, which is getting raves reviews from social media influencers, here’s my two cents on its potential uses for personal and business on my blog.

Do You Check In?

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Is Foursquare going the way of Friendster or do you think it has some staying power?

In this Social Moms post, I review my personal “check in fatigue” and what gave me renewed enthusiasm for Foursquare.

Quality vs. Quantity in Social Media

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So you want to be the Starbucks of Facebook do you? 20 million plus fans? Sound awesome?!

It may be “new” media but the “old” adage holds true: quality beats quantity every time! Read my new Social Moms blog post to see why I’ll take 10,000 fans over 100,000 any day of the week.

Most Common Social Media Mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes, but I’d prefer to learn from someone else’s whenever possible!

So I’ve compiled a list of the mistakes I’ve made and some of the most frequent mistakes that I see others make when it comes to social media.

So take a read to my latest post and see if you can’t avoid these yourself and please share other common mistakes you see people make!

My Top TwitterMom Posts for 2010

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To start off the New Year on the newly renamed (formerly where I blog about social media and business, I thought I’d take a quick look back at 2010 and some of the most popular posts I wrote on the site last year.

You’ll find some about Facebook (of course), hashtags, Twitter parties and more. Read on!

7 Ways to Score Deals With Social Media

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Are you looking to save money this holiday season? Who isn’t?! Well, don’t forget about social media as a great tool to save you some bucks on your holiday gift list.

In this week’s post, I’ve got 7 ways you can score some deals using social media tools like blogs, Facebook, Foursquare and more. Read on!

Facebook Places Finally Gets into the Game With “Deals”

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Been ignoring Facebook Places up till now like me? Well, I hate to say it folks, but it’s now time to give it a try, and businesses, yep, you need to get with the program and set up your Facebook “Place”.

Why? It’s a little feature called Deals launched last week as an addition to Facebook Places that turns this Foursquare copy upside down and gives it an advantage.

Here’s what I like about Deals and why you should take a second look at Places in my weekly blog post.

My Ode to the Wall Street Journal

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In honor of the Wall Street Journal being one of only two newspapers across the country to see a rise in circulation per the latest numbers that came out today, here is my “ode to the Wall Street Journal” as my weekly blog post.

It’s one of my favorite traditional media outlets and a part of my daily life that I couldn’t imagine going without! Find out 5 reasons why I love “the Journal”.

Add a Dash of Fun to Your Social Media Marketing

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If you’ve got the basics of social media down, but are finding that your audience has leveled off or not talking back to you, it’s time to spice things up with a contest or promotion.

Ever considered buying a blimp…. ? In my weekly TwitterMoms post, I’ve got some fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing and give your audience something to talk about!

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