Travel Public Relations

With decades of experience in journalism and public relations for the travel and tourism industry, our travel public relations services help our clients, which include hotels, resorts, tour companies, adventure travel groups, destinations and more, generate original, newsworthy initiatives and events that will capture the attention of the media.

Garnering news coverage is becoming increasingly difficult as media outlets reduce staff, leaving the remaining overworked with not only writing articles, but posting blogs and information on social media. Lyn, a former journalist, cuts through the clutter of others trying to be heard with her thorough understanding of what makes news and her long list of travel journalist and freelancer contacts garnered over the last 15 years. We then generate newsworthy ideas that underscore our client’s brand and personally connect with our contacts to secure coverage.

Lyn has generated coverage in many major outlets for her clients, including CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Southern Living magazine, Modern Bride, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Southwest Airlines’ Spirit, LA Times, France magazine and many more. View a sampling of media outlets in which we have secured coverage for our clients.

Interested? Call Lyn at  317-721-8660 or email her at to learn more about how our public relations services for resorts, hotels and travel companies can help your organization.