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This week I filled out a member spotlight form for the Charleston chapter of the American Marketing Association. One of the questions was “What is the best advice you could give a younger marketer?” My response: Do your best to keep up with the constant changes in social media and how people consume information. Your clients depend on you to be the expert on these marketing topics.

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media and new methods of marketing and PR is practically a full-time job. I’m constantly bookmarking articles, websites and making notes of new tools I want to investigate.

It’s great to see colleges and universities helping students stay current with social media tools and how they work in the business world. A couple of months ago, I read an article in The Wall Street Journal about students at Emerson College in Boston who work with large companies like Sprint, Levi Strauss and Mattel to conduct research and assist with online marketing efforts. They gain experience with “clients” and exposure to products like analytics program Radian6, which they’ll most likely be using as professional marketers.

Over the summer, many firms – including ours – will have interns and this is a great chance to continue that “real world” exposure. Engage those interns in more than busy work and filing so they can see how your business operates day to day and how you interact with clients.

As we all know, that kind of learning is infinitely more valuable than anything you can read in a textbook.

AMA Lunch in Charleston

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Kudos to the Charleston AMA, who continue to impress with their lunch time speakers.

I just got back from Mt Pleasant after hearing Bill Leake of  Apogee Search and it was certainly worth the 200+ mile round trip.

Bill did a great job of explaining in very simple terms the factors and processes involved in achieving good search engine visibility. He is (obviously) very knowledgeable, quite amusing without being corny, and comfortable with the mic. All in all, exactly what you would want in a speaker.

So, as the SIMS Agency is also in the field of SEO, why was I so pleased to hear someone do a better job of explaining things than I could? Well, a few reasons really:

  1. I am in no way a competitor of Apogee search. Whereas our clients our small-mid sized businesses, Bill works with the likes of Dell and Olive Garden.
  2. I often feel that one of the things I could most improve upon would be explaining things to clients in a non-technical (or not overly technical) way. Bill certainly did this, and I feel like I learned something from his presentation.
  3. Validation! At each step of the talk there was the confirmation that the way the SIMS Agency approaches things is the way he was recommending. This is a very comforting thing to know, especially for SEO where the topic is clouded by years of myths, lies, confusion and misinformation.

Many thanks to every one who helped organize this. I hope other people found it as helpful as I did.