What Guests Want from Social Media for Hotels

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Social Media for HotelsAn interesting article from travel reporter Barbara DeLollis at USA Today recently revealed the answers to a poll of hotel guests about what they did and did NOT want to hear from their hotel’s social media accounts. As a company who specializes in social media for hotels, we were intrigued! Some of it surprised us, while some did not.

The paper polled readers, giving them five responses to select, and received more than 200 answers. Here’s what they found:

1) People most want to get local information from their hotel’s social media account. We would agree with this, as we often strive to position our clients’ hotel social media accounts as THE expert about their location, be it Myrtle Beach, a cycling tour to Colorado or what to see in the Poconos. This technique has served us well, helping build friends and followers more quickly. Plus, it keeps you from selling yourself all the time; sell your destination instead.

2) People love to use social media to rant and rave about their hotel experience. We know this, too. Every now and then for our clients, we see a negative comment. But we’re glad it’s there; we see it within hours and can handle it promptly and in public view for all to see our hotel’s outstanding service. Most of the time, our pages and Twitter accounts are full of praise for the hotel properties’ accounts we manage! There’s no better sales tactic than that!

3) People said they DIDN’T want to hear about the weather. That DID surprise us. We do like to talk about the weather at our destinations. If it’s a ski resort, doesn’t hearing that there’s a fresh pack of snow get you pumped to come ski? Or during the end of winter in the north, doesn’t 75 and sunny in Hilton Head sound pretty nice? It helps us book rooms, golf rounds, ski passes and more for our clients. Plus, the Weather Channel does a great job curating weather tweets around a certain destination so when you tweet about the weather, you may also get picked up there and get more exposure.

What do you want to hear from a hotel on social media? We’d love to know!