The Latest in Social Media: Groupon & Foursquare

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Lyn spoke for a second time with Mike Switzer, host of the daily South Carolina Business Review radio show on South Carolina public radio, about the latest trends in social media and reassured businesses they can be profitable with the right approach to social media. Listen to the 10- minute interview.

Facebook Places Finally Gets into the Game With “Deals”

November 9, 2010 by  
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Been ignoring Facebook Places up till now like me? Well, I hate to say it folks, but it’s now time to give it a try, and businesses, yep, you need to get with the program and set up your Facebook “Place”.

Why? It’s a little feature called Deals launched last week as an addition to Facebook Places that turns this Foursquare copy upside down and gives it an advantage.

Here’s what I like about Deals and why you should take a second look at Places in my weekly blog post.

Location Beyond Foursquare

September 29, 2010 by  
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As much as I hate to admit it because of my undying devotion to Foursquare, there are a couple emerging geo-location apps that I kind of like… :) This week’s TwitterMoms blog post explores the geo-location world beyond Foursquare and offers up a couple tools I think could give our favorite check in app a run for their money. Read on and tell me if you’d be willing to use one of these services instead of or addition to Foursquare down the road.