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staceycrewMeet our very first Step Ahead Social Media Star: Stacey Crew, organizing expert, author and speaker. Stacey, whom I met many years ago through a friend of mine and who is based in Charleston, S.C., helps moms-to-be, new moms and generally busy women organize their time and space. Her book, The Organized Mom, will hit bookstores nationally in 2009.

Stacey is very active on all the main tools, but has also networked herself well within niche social networks like Girlfriendology, The Integrated Mother, Posh Mama, Twitter Moms, and the Mom Bloggers Club where she has developed a following of moms who look for her seasoned advice on keeping our lives together! Here is what Stacey had to say about social media:

What was the first social media technology you used?

What is your favorite social media tool?
Facebook, then Twitter

How has social media benefited your business?

Social media tools have helped me keep my followers informed of blog posts, Web site updates, and general information that I’d like to share—all in a very simple way! Anyone who has been following me, knows that getting a book published is a long process.

How much time would you say you spend a day engaging social media?
1 hour

How do you incorporate it into your day?

Sometimes I schedule it. For example, if I’ve made specific blog entries, I’ll post that on my Facebook page and on Twitter. Or if I’ve made changes/updates to my web site, I’ll do the same. Essentially, while working, I’m always connected to Facebook and Twitter, but try and use the time wisely so it’s not all of a sudden the end of the day and I haven’t completed my To Do List.

What’s your best social media tip?

Be yourself. People don’t want to feel like you’re all business or all personal, so find a balance. In my market (moms, essentially), I mention my kids and post pictures. Keep it real, but maintain your position as an expert in your field. It’s like walking a tight rope sometimes. :)

Is there a social media tool/technique that you think is

underutilized that you would like people to know about.

Well, I suspect the iPhone technology. I’m waiting for my new iPhone to arrive and once it does, I think I will be saying, “How did I ever live without it.” I’ll be providing tech tips on my web site for the iPhone and other technology and social media tools. We’ve entered a time when we can truly be more effective and efficient with technology.

Where can people find you online?,, Facebook and @staceycrew on Twitter.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone should analyze how technology can and does work for them, whether it’s personally and/or professionally. Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with both family and friends, but it also serves a purpose as a business tool. Twitter, on the other hand, is a fabulous tool for networking outside your local venue. If one is attempting to reach a national audience (like myself), Twitter can get you connected to people far and wide. Just remember to follow Twitter etiquette!

What Microsoft and MySpace Have in Common

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So I blasted MySpace in my last post, maybe a little too harshly, but as you can tell, it’s not my favorite site. Well, this weekend, I was the proud recipient of my dad’s old iPhone (he upgraded to the new 3G), and while I was excited, I was not prepared for how amazing this piece of technology truly is.

What’s that got to do with Microsoft? I found myself marveling at my iPhone and thinking, “Wow, if this is so incredible, imagine what it must be like to have an entire computer by these folks.” I mean, I’ve worked on Macs before, but it’s been years, and at the time I didn’t care for it. I remember frustratingly trying to take a disk (remember those :)) out of the disk drive, but could not find a way, as there was no release on the drive (OK, Mac users you know you have to eject it on screen, maybe still do). It did not seem intuitive and I am definitely a fan of intuitive/user friendly (thus my allegiance to Facebook).

If the iPhone is anything like a Mac computer, it’s the most &@#* user-friendly piece of equipment I have yet to run across. Brilliant.

I’ve been growingly disappointed with Microsoft over the last couple years. To me, like MySpace, they are becoming reactive in keeping up with the times instead of taking the lead and setting the pace. Apple and Facebook are both good examples of companies who have been the leaders in innovation, creating products that match the way people interact and function.

Microsoft seems like a stodgy old guy who just won’t stop arguing his point, even though everyone else in the room, except maybe a few of his longtime comrades, has moved on to another point entirely. I guess Apple pretty much nailed it in the Mac vs. PC commercials.

I mean compare Firefox to Internet Explorer. There’s a world of different. Microsoft has missed the boat on open source code, which allows for third-parties to create applications to work with its systems. Facebook was the first (I believe) to welcome this idea with open arms, Firefox did the same. Now, iPhone has followed suit (albeit after initially not allowing its code to be open source, but kudos to Apple for listening to people and changing course). This is the way of the Web and computing, so get on the bandwagon, or better yet, come up with some cool ideas of your own that makes living, and computing, more fun and functional.

Now, before I close, Microsoft is taking some steps in this direction, which I will discuss in my next post. We’ll see if you think it’s enough or if Microsoft will eventually go the way of the floppy disk.