Social Media News of the Week: August 15, 2011

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Let’s start with Foursquare rolling out tons of updates this week! The check-in giant launched Tip Lists, which allows users to compile tips into a category such as Dining, Entertainment and Bars. Your friends or brand followers can then subscribe to a list and make it their To Do list. We started our first Tip List for a client this week and we really like it.

This week, Foursquare also gave venues the option to create events for users to check-in to. This update is a long time coming and the gang here at Step Ahead has wanted this update for some time now, so we are happy campers! Both updates are awesome but their most talked about update this week is The White House joining the location-based service!

For any of you getting ready for a weekend date, you have to see this hilarious video from Mashable about social media ruining a relationship! If that video just scared you out of your date, don’t worry you can still watch “The Big Lebowski” with them via Facebook! If you do muster up the courage to meet your date face to face, take this advice: If your date leaves you waiting and you’re embarrassed sitting alone, just pretend to text or call someone! Every other young adult does it, so why shouldn’t you?! Have a great weekend!

Happy 8-8-08

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I really liked this idea from Charleston blogger Allisson Skipper, of eight things she’s into right now, so I thought I’d play along. In no particular order:

8 in Chinese

8 in Chinese

1. The Wire on DVD. My all time favorite show. I watched them all originally on HBO, but now I have my neighbors hooked on it, I’m re-watching with them. It’s just incredible the things you spot on a second look – plot lines that are subtly begun whole seasons in advance. And it’s still just as funny/moving/scary/etc each time.

2. Fantasy Football. Pre-season games have begun, so it’s time to start the research. I was terrible in one league last year, but won in my other one. Determined to do better this season, so I’m starting my reading now. And, of course, there’s the all important matter of picking the perfect team name. Any suggestions?!

3. Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson. I first read it about 8 years ago, but I seem to go back to it every couple of years. It’s by far the geekiest book I own (from Wikipedia “(it contains) some highly technical and detailed descriptions of modern cryptography and information security, and subjects ranging from prime numbers and modular arithmetic to Van Eck phreaking.”) – but sometimes it’s fun to be a geek!

4. Twitter. If you’re already using it, then you know. If you’re not, you don’t see the point. I understand. *But*, give it a try! It’s so easy, and fun, you can actually forget that it’s a great tool for interacting with pretty much anyone. People who wouldn’t normally open your email will be replying to your tweets, if you have anything interesting to say.

5. Jott. You know when you’re driving and you suddenly remember that email you forgot to send? That’s when you need Jott. One quick call from your cell phone, and you can have Jott send it for you. Or you can set it to text you a reminder. Or you can create a shopping list as you run out of things. Or update your Facebook. Or search Amazon. Or, well, you get the idea. It’s so useful, that’s why it’s my favorite Web 2.0 tool.

6. English soccer. Or football as we call it. The season starts this weekend, so I’m full of optimism about Liverpool’s chances to claim a first title in almost 20 years. I’ll be depressed and disappointed by October probably, but right now the dream is still alive!

7. Big Brother. I’m so embarrassed. Each season I promise myself I won’t watch, as it’s the worst kind of trash television, but somehow I find myself in the room when it’s on, and that’s it.  I’m hooked again.  Oh well, at least now that I’ve ‘come out’ I can cheer for Catholic School Teacher Dan with a clear conscience.

8. Spaced. Finally got a US release on DVD after many years of waiting.  And with tons of extras (a whole DVD’s worth in fact) I’m so happy! If you liked Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, you should definitely check out the show where it all began.