Making Online Newspaper Content Free

September 25, 2007 by  
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Last week, the New York Time announced it would discontinue its paid subscription service, TimeSelect, following most other newspapers in the country. Sadly traditional media, like newspapers, are suffering declining readership due to the Web and many are struggling to adapt to the changing ways people are getting their news.

By opening up its content, the New York Times is opening the doors to many new readers, which likely will serve the famous paper well. With so many more viewers reading, emailing articles, blogging about the stories of the day, Digging their content and more, their reputation is likley to improve among those who find their news on the Web.

Free content will also give them better search engine visibility and many more potential advertisers and ad dollars thanks to a growing number of unique visitors to their sites. All in all I think it’s a smart move for the Times.

Now, if my very favorite paper, the Wall Street Journal, would just follow suit… They seem to be one of the last hold outs on the paid online subscription service, though a recent Wall Street Journal article stated that Rupert Murdoch is considering a move toward free content. Here’s hoping, so the world can access its insightful articles!