The Latest in Social Media: Groupon & Foursquare

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Lyn spoke for a second time with Mike Switzer, host of the daily South Carolina Business Review radio show on South Carolina public radio, about the latest trends in social media and reassured businesses they can be profitable with the right approach to social media. Listen to the 10- minute interview.

Saving Money But Wasting My Time

January 26, 2011 by  
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I will totally understand if at the end of this blog post most people think I’m crazy and decide to never read my thoughts again but I’m over the group-buying craze. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good deal and the four-letter word that gets my heart a-pacing is SALE not LOVE, but I’m oversaturated at this point with good deals so much that I don’t know which ones really are good deals.

A colleague of mine mentioned the LivingSocial and Amazon deal and how it surpassed any Groupon deal out there and how phenomenal that is. While I think that’s an awesome accomplishment for LivingSocial, my immediate response was “eh, I don’t want to write my blog about that today.” After seeing my “annoyed face,” my colleague said, “You should write about why you are over group buying.” Bingo!

I get Groupon, LivingSocial, Swirl, Gilt Group and HauteLook emails daily, which are followed by email deals from specific stores like Gap, Urban Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue and 100 others. Then I log into Facebook where many of the retailers I have “friended” are now running specials of 30% off for just mentioning the Facebook post. I probably spend 1-2 hours in the morning or at night just looking at deals.

I have purchased a few Groupons and clothing from Swirl but the vast majority of the time I just delete them. When I saw the Gap/Groupon I was stoked, but then decided I didn’t want to fight the crowds for a pair of jeans. Glad I didn’t because a week or two later they were on sale for only a few bucks over the Groupon price. I guess my only point is should I really be wasting so much time each day to just save $5 at the local bagel store or should I just eat breakfast at home?