Big News For LinkedIn Aficionados: Company Status Updates Are Here!

October 10, 2011 by  
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LinkedIn for businessWell, I’ve been saying for the last couple months, finally LinkedIn is worth coming back to for reasons besides job hunting, hiring or adding to your ¬†network. The recent upgrades they’ve done to company pages are fantastic with the ability to add different services, associate company contacts with those services and even add videos about your company or products. But now, they’ve added the icing on the cake: LinkedIn Company Updates!

Just like you have a Facebook page for your business where you can post status updates, now you can post status updates to your LinkedIn company page. Here’s how it works:

  • Pages set to “designated admins only” for page management now allow page “admins” (just like on Facebook) to post status updates.
  • Go to your company’s overview tab and you’ll see a Share an Update field at the top.
  • LinkedIn company updates can be up to 500 words.
  • LinkedIn status updates can include multimedia, such as links to videos and photos.
  • The updates appear in the homepage newsfeeds of your company’s “followers” (better get some followers now!)
  • Followers can comment, “like” or share the post with their network.
  • Whenever someone takes action, such as a like or comment, their network also ¬†has the potential to see your page (again, just like Facebook).
One caveat, while LinkedIn says you’re not limited in the number of updates you can post, companies that are posting very high volumes will be looked into and their pages could be deleted. So don’t abuse the privilege, but we recommend getting on there once a day and posting something of interest to your followers. A link back to your website is even better.
Need someone to help keep that page updated? Give us a shout. That’s what we do for our clients everyday! Oh, and go follow us on LinkedIn, of course! Got questions? Check out LinkedIn’s guide to Company Pages.
In Part 2 of this series on the LinkedIn changes, we’ll talk about why this simple little addition can add up to BIG benefits for business.