Happy Anniversary Step Ahead Inc.

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Dear Step Ahead,

Today is our 1-year anniversary and I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I’ve had with you over the last 365 days. We’ve gone to fun events together that I’ll never forget like the Internet Summit in Raleigh, N.C. We’ve had early mornings, late nights and fun weekends together!

There are a few things that you’ve taught me that will stay with me forever:

1.) TweetDeck is a life saver

2.) Dropbox is amazing

3.) I might not be a writer but I am a blogger!

4.) Always back up your hard drive

5.) Follow up is key

6.) One day we will take over the social media world!

So, again happy anniversary, Step Ahead — you’ve been a great job this past year and I look forward to many more years with you!


E. Bailey Surrett

TweetDeck Adds Foursquare and Google Buzz!

May 26, 2010 by  
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Last week the world was introduced to the new version of TweetDeck, and we think these updates are more than just your standard upgrades. In fact, they could have a huge impact on the growth Foursquare and Google Buzz, not to mention there are some great tools to make Twitter infinitely more useful.

The new version of TweetDeck allows users to set up columns to monitor Google Buzz and Foursquare updates and allows you to add those profiles as accounts. In the Google Buzz column, users can “like,” comment and even email contacts directly from Tweetdeck. We’re very excited about the Foursquare column, which allows users to view updates in real time, see venue information (if they have specials, who’s there now), check in from a venue, insert a shout, view user badges and more! This will make Foursquare much more useful, easy and top of mind for Twitterers.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited about the new version of Tweetdeck, they also added global filters, video uploads and update scheduling. Global filters allow you to create a filter to hide any messages that include keywords you don’t want to see, so your columns won’t be full of Justin Bieber updates, that is, unless you have Bieber Fever :) You can also now take a video with your Webcam and upload directly to Twitter, as well as schedule updates. Hallelujah! While other services allow you to do that, having it on Tweetdeck will keep you from having to log in to some other program if you’ve got a quick one you don’t want to forget about.

Have you downloaded the new version of TweetDeck? If not, visit www.tweetdeck.com to download it today. Let us know what you think!