Social Media News of the Day: August 30, 2010

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Fashion, Awards, Social Media?

Who spent hours watching the Emmy’s last night, besides me? I’m a sucker for red carpets and anything involving beautiful people winning shiny awards. This year the Emmy’s kicked it up a notch by adding a social media component. Jimmy Fallon as host was funny and incorporated tweets that were sent to him about presenters and winners. They also had live streaming of backstage interviews with winners and producers.

Twitter’s yfrog was the most influential addition in my opinion. It had a photo booth for celebrities to pose in and the pictures were uploaded directly to Twitter. What a great idea! Fallon, also mentions twitpic twice during the event, and if you didn’t know twitpic was created and is run by a Charlestonian (pretty cool, eh?)! Even celebrities got in on the social media action! Kim Kardashian sang a reality TV duet with Jimmy Fallon and immediately tweeted about it (yes I follow her on Twitter). <@KimKardashian Who just saw me sing live on the Emmy’s??? Haha REALLLLLIIITYYYY! LOL>

Did you watch the Emmy’s this year? If so, do you think social media enhanced or detracted?

A Quick Word About my Obsession

I know that too many of my posts recently have been about my love for Foursquare. So I will not go into how awesome I think they are again, but I do want to relay some pretty interesting information.

Mashable announced over the weekend that their readers enjoy Foursquare more than Facebook’s Places and the geolocation giant has now reached three million users! This is awesome news, and one other thing you have to check out is this picture of Foursquare in Times Square reminding users to check in. Love it!